I'm Taylor.
I've climbed the pyramids of Egypt*

swam with sharks in the Caribbean*
hitch-hiked across Central America*
and slept in the remote jungles of Cambodia.*

*Illegally, and my fear of heights prevented me from making it more than halfway
*I swam with a single shark that I then jumped in the boat to avoid
*we met our driver at our hotel (so does it even count?)
*I cried myself to sleep to the sounds of jungle animals and what I'm sure were man-eating plants.

So, it's nice to meet you. I'm known for dramatic stories (my husband would argue embellished, to which I say descriptive) about my life and travels.

 I started Due Course in 2011, shortly before moving abroad to Cairo, Egypt. I lived there for a year, writing about my daily life and experiences as a volunteer teacher at a local high school. You can find my overly-personal diary entries in the archives, along with my best tips for what to do in Egypt.

In 2014 I moved to London, UK where I attended graduate school. I'd like to say I moved to London for the honor of attending a prestigious university, but in reality my location was an excuse to take weekend trips around Europe (YOLO). I did actually graduate with my MSc in Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology, despite my too-frequent trips abroad.

I currently live in Northern Virginia with my husband Phil and our dog Bree. My cliche hobbies include drinking too much locally-roasted coffee, listening to alternative rock (shoutout to Wye Oak - I'm your biggest fan!), reading lots of scifi, and traveling frequently. And if the first three items on that list didn't tip you off, I'm originally from Seattle, Washington.

Also, I'm really passionate about good photography. And I love that my skills are constantly improving (check out my original posts for proof!) 

For those of you interested, I am an ENFP and enneagram 7. So, just your friendly over-excited creative type looking for the next best distraction.

Questions? Comments? Hate my bio? Get in touch. 
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