So, you know how I've been totally MIA from Due East for over a month? Yeah, I apologize for that. But I've had some big changes happening around here.
First up: I moved back to the United States three weeks ago. Yes, a whole three weeks ago and, and somehow failed to mention it.
More importantly though...


Photo courtesy of our incredible photographer, Hannah Fine Photography
Since I'm a sucker for engagement stories (who isn't, secretly?) I thought I'd share ours. Because I think it's pretty fantastic. Though I'm potentially biased.

So after spending one week back home in Seattle, Phil and I flew to Washington DC where he and all his family lives. We had been planning on spending three weeks together in DC before flying to Norway for my good friends' wedding at the end of April. Phil wanted to be back in DC before Easter weekend though, because his mother is a music teacher and was directing an Easter musical at his church, and he wanted us to see it. 
We made it back to DC on April 1, with a few spare days before our only plan for the week: the musical. When the weekend came around, Phil's brother, sister-in-law, and nephew drove up from Richmond to join the musical party. 
We headed to church on Saturday for the musical, where lots of friends and family had come for the show. The performance went without a hitch, and afterwards there was a big lunch for everyone.
Now, what you're about to see is what happened after the musical, before the lunch. Jane (Phil's mom) goes up to thank everyone who performed in the musical, but notes that she wouldn't allow Jeff (a friend of ours) to play the accordion in the musical, even though he really wanted to. So, to make up for that, she would let him play one song for us since the musical was finished. 

When the song started, Phil was standing behind me kind of dancing with me to it. Phil will do anything in front of anyone (lack of shame or total confidence? I'll never know), and I get super embarrassed about doing stuff in front of a crowd. Specifically dancing. So, when you see him lead me to the center of the crowd, I was really annoyed because I thought he was making me slow dance in front of everyone to push me out of my comfort zone. I even turned to him at one point and said "Phil! I don't want to dance in front everyone!" which he didn't hear or ignored, because he continued pushing me into the center.
Of course, we reach the opposite side of the circle where he takes the ring from the singer (who had expertly been holding the box under his sheet music) and JKREWUQIOEUJKDOAIUEIUFIJOAKLDJKSLAJWIQOJDSAKLJDLSAK because I realize what is happening. 
As it turns out, a "musical" is just an inconspicuous way to get friends and family gathered for a surprise proposal. 
Well, a surprise only for me. I think 50% of the people there knew about it, because afterwards everyone came up and kept saying how nervous they were all day! And I had NO clue! 
The last week has been a whirlwind. I'm engaged, and currently planning our wedding for this (!) Summer. Why wait for a good thing, right? 

Current Summer to-do list:
-Write my Mater's dissertation
-Get married
-Move 3,000 miles across the country

Go big or go home, that's my motto. 
So, there are some pretty big changes happening in my life, and I can't wait to take you along for the ride!

PS I have a secret love for the accordion and I have no clue how Phil knew this. So, props to him for keeping it all a total surprise but also making it a really good one. 

PPS we've made the (obviously) most important decision for our wedding: the honeymoon! We'll be heading to Nicaragua for 8-days of wedded bliss in August. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the most exciting aspect of all of this!

PPPS I realize that I look super short in the video, but it's really just an optical illusion, because Phil is super tall. I'm 5'7 and he's 6'4. And apparently I'm protective of that, hahaha. 

Have any expert wedding-planning tips? Any favorite spots in Nicaragua we shouldn't miss on our honeymoon? Have a super adorable proposal story yourself? Have literally anything nice at all to say because I'm floating on a post-proposal high and love everyone right now? Post it in the comments!

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