Upcoming Adventures

Oh man, have I got a busy schedule coming up! I realize I haven't kept you all in the loop about the (dozen? I've lost count) trips I have planned for the months of November and December. Part of that is because it wasn't until just last week that all the tickets were purchased and plans were finalized. So here it is! My absolutely jam-packed six weeks of upcoming adventures. All of these forays are divided into four general trips, as follows:

Visiting Paris with Phil for Thanksgiving

Visiting Iceland with my best friend (this trip was postponed from our original flight in September)

Coming home to Seattle for a week with family and friends

Backpacking through Eastern Europe with Phil for Christmas

As you can imagine, my proclivity for overbooking my schedule with traveling has led to an overwhelming amount of schoolwork I have to complete before I leave. As in, I have five final essays and as many textbooks to read in the next two weeks. So while I'll be sure to provide lots of lovely photos and stories from all my adventures when they come around, you likely won't see me for a few weeks till that time. 
I promise I cam to London for grad school, and not for its proximity to the rest of Europe ;) 

PS: I loved hearing from all of you who live in the UK/London area! I would love to meet with you all at some point, and will plan on doing so in January/February (for obvious reasons, haha). 

Have any recommendations for 'must-sees' in any of the cities I'll be visiting?

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  1. So many amazing adventures coming up for you! I hope you had a blast in Iceland!

  2. Wow! Have a wonderful time on your (many) adventures! You've made me realize that I really need to plan more trips, haha. Looking forward to pictures!

  3. Thank you! I'm really excited about Iceland - I've been scouring your blog for all the best places to visit! Only three weeks away and I can barely wait!

  4. Thank you, thank you! And you totally should - there are some seriously cheap flights available, and traveling by train and bus is definitely cost-effective.

  5. Oh my what a busy schedule - go you! The only little bit of advice I can give is Orsay is a must in Paris! Looking forward to hearing about it all when you're back :)