Camden Market with Samantha of Wandering Grad

Becoming friends with bloggers is something along the lines of online dating. Assuming you don't know them in real life and live nowhere near each other, your primary communication is in the form of emails, blog comments, and post shares. Plus, something about reading a person's blog makes you feel like you really do know them, despite a lack of real relationship. 
So, when I found out Samantha from Wandering Grad was also moving to London, we decided we had to meet. Of course, this comes with the trepidation of knowing I can't hide behind a computer screen, and any well-groomed image I had curated of myself online would be single-handedly swept away upon our introduction. 
Let's be real: bloggers are quite good at creating an online persona that showcases our most likable (or most prominent) features and interests. 
So, like online dating, meeting a blogger is akin to the unveiling of the Wizard of Oz.
I'm secretly an old man.
Also: my biggest concern when meeting people in person for the first time is my voice - and please tell me that I'm not alone in this sentiment. Because, when I read other blogs, I somehow imagine a voice that matches the content of their blogs. 
You know, you're just doing your thang in Thailand with a low, non-accented voice. Just kidding, you have a shrill high-pitched voice in real life. You know. 
Just pretend like you do know, even if you don't.
And I know that my voice is not what people imagine it to be, because people have told me that is the case. Maybe I'll make a vlog someday for all you lovelies so I can crush your imaginary voice of me, as well. 
What was the point of all this rambling? Good question. I met Samantha. She has a totally normal voice. And she's totally cool. In fact, we are living parallel lives; we are both from the Pacific Northwest (we lived about 4-hours away from each other), we both moved to London for grad school, and we had a lot of the same long-winded rants over coffee. Twins. 
Also - and I'm not just saying this because I met her in real life and am obligated to because she'll probably read this - her blogs is one of my absolute favorite expat reads out there. She's always putting out interesting, well-written content. Which comes pretty naturally from her given her background as a journalist and playwright. 

We met for coffee and a walk around Camden Market, which was a good choice for a first meet. Camden Market was full of interesting stalls and lots of good food stands. I plan on going back soon with my flatmates so we can binge eat international food.

BONUS: Sam didn't even get annoyed with me when I spent an exorbitant amount of time perusing books and vintage wares. True friend material.

Isn't she lovely? You should definitely pop in and give her blog a read - you won't regret it.

Are you a reader or blogger in London who wants to meet up? Sweet - let's do it! Contact me to set up a blogging adventure around the city. 

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  1. I'm an American grad student based in Oxford! Fancy a day trip? :) I also blog (obviously :) masteringoxford.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I'm Bristol-based, but I do pop over to London every once in a while :) Love both of y'alls blogs!

  3. How lovely that you gals got to meet! I have to say that the first time I put a video on my blog people commented on my voice a lot haha so yes I guess that's a thing!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one! haha. And it was so nice! Even though I made multiple awkward personal remarks along the lines of "oh yeah, you do love ______" which were gleaned from blog-reading and not real life, haha.

  5. I want to head to Bristol, so if I make a daytrip I'll let you know! It will likely be in January :) And thank you!

  6. Definitely! I'll be heading to Oxford sometime in January to visit another friend in the city. We will have to meet up at some point! :)

  7. Haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean about voices. I think I "sound" much more decisive and emphatic online than in real life. And wow, your braid looks cool! Wish I had your skillz.

  8. Your hair is gorgeous here! People often say that they forget that I'm British so when they hear me speak it's a shock.
    Also, spoliers: I'm really a 83 year old woman who loved knitting.

  9. I hope I get to meet at least a few of my favorite bloggers out here in the good 'ol UK. I've been spending more time in London lately and plan to move there from Surrey in January! If you ever want to hunt for amazing baked goods (or any other random thing) together, give me a shout!

  10. I love Camden! And I know exactly what you mean about meeting blog friends in real life - my closest blog friend (who became a "real life" friend when we were both in London, also) and I joke that we might as well just say we met on eHarmony because that's what people think :)

  11. Exactly! Everytime I hear a recording of myself, I think "how the heck does anyone take me seriously?!" haha. And thank you! It's actually super easy, it's not even a real "braid'. There are some good tutorials on Pinterest - it's called a Pull-Through Braid!

  12. Thank you so much! And that's a valid remark, considering I also forgot you were British. haha. So if we ever meet up, I'll try to remember and not be shocked in person ;)

  13. Baked goods hunt?! I'm in. I'll get ahold of you in January/February to plan something!

  14. haha it's so true! And it's difficult not to awkwardly blurt out things you only know about them because you've stalked them online, haha. Glad you made a good friend out of an online blogging buddy! Gives me hope about my own "online relationships" ;)

  15. Awesome! I've never actually met a blogger before, but I would like to someday. I guess I've just happened to live in places nobody else live! My hometown in Norway is in a rural place and my current location in China is, well, out of reach for any bloggers that I follow. BUT I do live in Portsmouth, UK normally, so not too far from London!

    I have never read Sam's blog before, so thanks for tip! Also I'm curious about your voice now, haha :)