New Design Portfolio

Oh my goodness you guys, I'm leaving in 2-days for London. Insanity. So while I've been doing last-minute preparations pretty much non-stop since I got my visa on Thursday (FINALLY), I've also been trying to finish up the finishing touches on my design portfolio.
If you've been on my blog for a while, you're probably aware of my love of good photography, and my efforts to grow my own skills in this realm. I've been taking on portrait sessions with friends over the last few months to practice, and I'm really happy with my growth and the way my photos have been turning out.
Rather than continuing to post those photos on here, I've created a new design site acting as my photography portfolio. Here, you'll find the best of my photography work (sans text), both in traveling and portrait work. I hope you'll stop by and check it out, and let me know what you all think!
Due East Design can be visited here

Also, I want to thank you all for all your wonderful words of support. I received a lot of really kind messages from you guys, and I truly appreciate them (even if I haven't gotten around to writing a personal response yet). I'm happy to say I have the best readers ever! 

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  1. ...You truly have a gift, :-)...Good luck with the move!!...

  2. Thank you so much! You're so sweet - I appreciate the support!