Afternoon Tea at Bea's

Before coming to London, the only thing I had on my British bucket list was to have official afternoon tea. 
Is that lame?
You better have answered 'no' - because there is never a time in which a platter of pastries and pot of tea is lame.
Glad we are agreed.
Anyways, I can mark my one item (ok, maybe it is kind of lame) off my list. Today I had real afternoon tea. And it was divine.
My flat-mate Monica and I made reservations at Bea's of Bloomsbury, a bakery and tea shop in Central London. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but it was oh-so-worth-it. I read several online articles about the best places for afternoon tea on a budget, and Bea's appeared on several. I decided it's frequent reappearance must mean it's a good option, and I can now verify that original assumption.
For 19pounds, we each received a pot of tea, three sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream and jam, a cupcake, and five 'mini treats'. An absolute feast of baked goods. 
I went for earl grey tea (an oldie but a goodie), while Monica ordered their Rooibos. The teas were good, but let's skip to the better part: pastries.
The sandwiches included mozzarella and caramelized onion, cream cheese and walnuts, and sharp cheddar with prosciutto. I had a cupcake filled with raspberry curd, topped with raspberry frosting, and a mini raspberry meringue, while Monica had a dark chocolate cupcake (silver glitter on top was a bonus). As for the mini-treats - I received a raspberry marshmallow, a raspberry meringue, an 'extreme' brownie, a blondie, and a coconut/peanut butter brownie.
I think I ate enough sugar for 3-months.
It was worth it.
If these pictures don't convince you that afternoon tea at Bea's isn't the best option for your stay in London, I don't know what will. I'm already plotting my next trip - and purchasing a larger belt in the meantime. 

Have you had afternoon tea before? Where's your favorite spot?

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  1. That looks really good, why would they limit it to just the afternoon???? I would be eating those baked goods all day!

  2. If I ever go to England again, I'm totally doing afternoon tea. It looks so adorable and delicious. Those cupcakes sound amazing...and I don't even usually like cupcakes.

  3. There is nothing I don't like about everything in this post. Prosciutto and sharp cheddar? Yes. Raspberry curd AND frosting? Yesyes. "Extreme" baked goods of any kind?! Yesyesyes. I absolutely love afternoon tea. I'm finally in England and I plan on having it as soon as possible. Also, I will personally find any person who tells you afternoon tea is lame and punch them in the face, haha.

  4. It was definitely both! And I'm with you on the cupcakes thing - too often cupcakes are sickly sweet or dry and flavorless, but these were absolutely divine. I need to go back for more.

  5. Ok, so we can be best friends now. And I'll join you on beating up whoever talks bad about afternoon tea and/or pastry consumption. Should you want to go to Bea's, I will happily meet you there (so long as the image of a strange girl stuffing her face in baked goods doesn't weird you out)

  6. That could never weird me out (b/c 9 times out of 10, it means I'm looking in a mirror, hahaha).

  7. Such a bargain! I love those photos. BUT you shouldn't put milk in your earl grey! Milk goes in english breakfast or just regular black tea but not in earl grey. Try a slice of lemon or a tiny drop of honey if you want to add something.

  8. Right?! It was a great deal for the price! And please excuse my complete lack of knowledge of tea etiquette. I need a tea trainer to teach me the proper ways! haha.

  9. Ok, we can do that. I'll take you when you visit :)

  10. ...I had my first British tea time at Westminster Abbey--totally worth it, :-)...

  11. Luchessa GrossmannOctober 17, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    Wooow what a great looking post. I've found you through Charlotte's link up & am really happy about it. I love that english type of tea ceremony. It's so cozy & stylish at the same time. I mean, how fabulous does "raspberry marshmallow, a raspberry meringue, an 'extreme' brownie" sound?!

    I need to visit the UK and have such a afternoon tea party myself. :)


    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  12. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you've come to visit :) And I think few desserts are as sophisticated as the raspberry marshmallow and meringue ;) Definitely stop in the UK at some point - the afternoon tea makes it totally worth it!

  13. Oh hey don't mind me, just creeping through your archives haha. I. LOVE. TEA. It is my absolute favorite way to treat myself since moving here! I have my go-to spots here in Bristol but I'm trying my best to branch out as well as find a good tea place wherever I travel (it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it).