The Best Hairstyles for Traveling

Traveling and beauty don't always go hand in hand. In fact, they rarely do in my case, as I tend to choose sleep and adventures over my daily routine (I have a feeling many of you are the same). That being said, I still want to look good while traveling, even though this may not seem the easiest due to a lack of shower facilities, heat, and the general dirt involved in moving around often.
The solution? These three magical hairstyles. 

I've curated for you the best of the travel hair styles available. My criteria for a 'travel hair style' is that:
-It must take less than 5-minutes to accomplish
-It cannot require the use of hot tools or hair product
-It needs to be sweat-resistant and overall heat resistant
-It needs to be able to last through a long day of moving around

Now, before we move any further, I would like to make a disclaimer. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading hair tutorials and being prepared to style your hair the same way, only to realize after 5 failed attempts that your hair does not have the same nature as that of the model's, and will never cooperate with you. So, as fair warning, I would like to give you a brief overview of my hair so that you can determine if these styles can be accomplished with your lovely locks.

Here is my natural hair, post-shower, with no product or styling involved. I simply let it air dry and finger brushed it to break up strands. 

My hair is:
-Very long (to about my waist, though not pictured)
-Thick and course

-Heavily layered (shortest layer at chin-length)
-Slightly wavy and tends towards curls

If your hair does not share similar characteristics, you might not get a similar outcome using these styling methods.

To be honest, most days I just wear my hair like this. It's easy, looks decent, and I can pull it back if necessary.

With that being said, onto the real hair styles!

1. The Braided Crown

This is my favorite go-to hairstyle. It looks complicated, fancy, and time-consuming, when in reality it is incredibly easy and takes [me] under 5 minutes to do it. Plus, you don't need hairspray or product to make it hold. The process for the braided crown is as follows:
1. Begin a regular braid starting to one side of your part.
2. Incorporate in new strands as you work, bringing them under the braid instead of over. Braiding under is known as 'Dutch braiding', and it creates the effect of the braid sitting on top of your head, rather than being underneath your hair.
3. Bring the braid around the back of your head. This part is somewhat difficult, as you'll have to let go with one hand and braid from a new position. Continue adding in strands in the dutch fashion
4. Bring the braid up over the top of your ear as you add in new strands, puling it taut so that it remains close to your scalp.
5. When you've brought the braid around the front of your head and run out of new strands to incorporate, finish the braid in the traditional fashion. You'll be left with a loose tail end that's not attached to your head. Tie this off with a small clear elastic.
6. Tuck the end of the braid into the crown you've fashioned,  and use bobby pins to hold it in place. Pull out a few messy strands near your hair line, if desired. Ta da!

2. The Side Twist

This hairstyle is so simple I almost feel like I'm cheating you by including it. However, I wear this frequently for traveling because it allows me to have my hair down, without the front sections constantly blowing into my face [and getting stuck in my lip gloss]. Also, this takes less than 1-minute flat. So here's how you do it:
1. Take the front section of hair closest to your face; this could be your bangs. 
2. Twist the section of hair backwards and away from your face, gathering new strands of hair as you twist. 
3. Pin the section of hair near the back of your head, and repeat on the other side.  Voila!

 3. The Tie-up Bun

Ask anyone I know; my everyday hairstyle is a variation of the sock bun. Buns are the best lazy-girl hair style, because they'll always look chic (even when messy) and look good even with dirty hair. This variation of the bun is big, slightly messy,  and uses a headband or headscarf to tame fly-aways and add a pop of color. Here's how you do it:
1. Add a small bouffant to the front section of your hair by puling it up and twisting it (no teasing required). Pin it in place with a few criss-cross bobby-pins. 

2. Pull the rest of your hair up into a pony-tail on the top of your head. This style looks better when situated higher on the top of your head, than low in the back. 
3. As you're pulling your hair through the elastic the final time, only pull half-way so that you create a big loop in your hair. You should have tail ends from the loop sticking out on one side. 
4. Take some bobby-pins, and begin randomly pinning large strands of hair from the loop to your scalp, aiming to work around the ponytail and cover it up. 
5. Finish pinning your hair around your head. The completed look will be big and messy, but will hold firm. 
6. Top off your look with a headband of choice. Pictured is the Through the Wire headband from Modcloth - a personal favorite of mine!

I've included a few other headbands styled with this hair, so you can see how versatile it is. Pictured is a wired headband, a vintage scarf, and an elastic headband. 

BONUS: The 8-day Hair Cycle
So, as a result of my hairs' length, course-ness, and overall tendency towards frizz, I only wash it once every 7-9 days.
What?! Taylor, that's disgusting..
No guys, I promise. Washing your hair this infrequently is the best thing ever. I'm lazy, and I enjoy taking full advantage of putting off time-consuming tasks, such as washing my hair. But the best part is that you can't even tell! It's not till about day 7 that my  hair even looks greasy. Win. Above is a series of chronological photos from my 8-day trip to Italy last year. I straightened my hair before the trip, and didn't wash it till I got back. Here, you can see how the style evolves. I highly recommend doing this, if you're able. 

Day 1: This day is the worst. Hair is very dry, frizzy, and prone to static. Straight and clean, though.
Day 2: Hair is slightly less frizzy, slightly less straight, but still good to go. 

Day 3: Today is the best day for hair. Any girl with dry, long hair can tell you; day 3-hair is what you want. If I ever go on dates or have a big event, I make sure to wash my hair 3-days prior... it works. 
Day 4: Today is the last day I'll be able to wear my hair straight. It is starting to get a bit oily and piece-y, and I walked through a rainstorm, so it will soon return to its natural state of wavy strands. 
Day 5: French (dutch) braid for the win! This was before I had layers, so I could braid my hair like this without 4-million strands sticking out.
Day 6: Braided crown for my tour through Rome. Always makes you look more sophisticated than your 6-day old hair really is.
Day 7: Alright.. officially greasy. Also my hair is wet here, so it wasn't actually as soaked-in-oil as it looks. Sock bun for life.
Day 8: End of the trip. Airplane mode. Finish up with another bun before washing my hair at home later in the day.

What are your favorite travel hair styles? Have you tried any of these before?

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  1. Love these styles! I"m definitely going to try the braided crown. I've spend many hours frustratedly watching youtube videos, but this looks a lot easier!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad it was helpful; mastering the braided crown is one of my most valued hair skills. Ha!

  2. Ugh you are making me mad regretful that I chopped off my hair. It's slowly getting its length back but I can't wait to have more to mess with. Props for not washing your hair for so long! I've found with short hair I have to wash more often which is a total bummer, especially when traveling!

    1. Whenever my hair reaches this length, I typically cut it all off, and then immediately regret the decision! I understand the struggle. And I agree; when I've had short hair, I always find that it needs frequent washing - especially with bangs!