My Writing Style (A Blogging Chain)

So, a few weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Caity of Where the Heart Is to participate in a writing process chain! You can read her answers here. It works like this: be tagged by a fellow blogger, answer the writing-related questions, and tag a few more bloggers! Similar to the Liebster Award, the goal of this project is to introduce up-and-coming bloggers into the blogosphere and to highlight their work as writers. So here we go!

1. How does my writing process work?
Good question. I suppose it depends on the subject matter, but in terms of my blog, it goes something like this:

  1. Blog post idea hits me, typically at an inopportune time, while I'm busy and unable to write.
  2. Quickly jot down said idea, scribble doodles around it, and underline for emphasis. (I keep a little blog notebook in my purse at all times for just this type of event) 
  3. Brainstorm ideas for images/accompanying graphics, since those are as important to me as the writing itself. 
  4. Get home, brew coffee, pour said coffee into my favorite mug, put on background music, and stare at my laptop. 
  5.  Start writing an initial draft of the post. Re-read it, and delete half. Re-write. Walk away. 
  6. Come back to post a week later, re-read everything I wrote previously, delete bad parts (most of it), and re-write the article.
  7. Shrug shoulders, take a swig of coffee, and send the post out into the world with a click of the 'publish' button. 

While tongue-in-cheek, this does tend to be my writing process most days. Besides 'life lately' and current event posts, most of my articles typically sit around as drafts for 1-3 weeks before I publish them. I find that I need to step away from my writing for several days before returning for editing. I also like to inject a little humor (or try to... haha) into my writing as well, and this is rarely possible for me on the first go-round.

2. What am I working on currently?
If you were to look into my aforementioned little blog notebook, you'd see lots of unintelligible chicken scratch like "foreign bathrooms..." and "misadventures are good" and "airplane food?' and then think I was a horrible writer. While that may be the case, I try to aim for 3 general categories of posts per week: one 'travel tips' post featuring helpful information and advice on traveling, one travel story post featuring my own or someone else's travel adventures, and one life update on what I'm doing/where I'm at. While the content of these categories varies dramatically, I do aim to do one of each, weekly. Right now, I've got some cool posts about the Middle East half-written, as well as a few I'm saving up for my adventures through Reykjavik and London. Stay tuned!

3. Why do you write what you do?

Why does any writer write what they do? I honestly enjoy the process of writing (which is good, because I work as a freelance writer, haha), I love traveling, and I love helping/informing people. If I can combine all three right here on Due East, I feel I've been successful. 

4. How does your writing differ from others?
Well, I'm hardly objective, but I'd like to think that I use a little more humor and have a little more personal touch than your run-of-the-mill travel article does. I like to incorporate personal stories into my writing, so that even when I'm just dispensing advice or information, it seems unique to Due East. I also like to talk about the misadventures involved in travel, rather than just focusing on the 'best places to visit in...' and 'I had the perfect vacation at...', since misadventures are very real and often the most exciting part of any trip. 

Thoughts? Questions? How does your writing style work? 

For my part, I'd like to nominate Charlotte Steggz and Jacqueline Kehoe for the challenge! 

Charlotte is a comedian, Japanese translator, and all around awesome lady living outside my future home of London! Charlotte writes about her adventures around the UK at her self-title blog here

Jacqueline is my former coworker through a writing/editing company, and one of the funniest people I know. She lived in Vietnam for a few years, and now writes about her attempted adventures in her current home of California. Read her blog, The Strange and New, here. 

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