My Art + A Gift to My Readers

So, I realize I've never really talked about my art on here before. I mean, I off-handedly mention it - "oh  yes, I'm an artist," "I love art!" "I do art a lot" - but I've never really told you guys about the art I like and create. 
So, let's start with a little background.
I've been creating art since I was old enough to pick up a crayon (cliche, I know, but true). My parents put me in art lessons when I was 4, and I won my first art competition when I was 5. Though, much to my dismay, the award was given to Pierce Taylor, since my mom insisted that the form asked for my last name first.
Since that first award, I've had my art in galleries and put on permanent display in universities. I've dabbled in acrylics and oil, watercolor, charcoal collage, linoleum printing, book binding, and even glass blowing (I studied it for 3 months in college), along with every other medium under the sun. 
If there has ever been one constant in my life, it has been art. However, the last few years I've put it on the backburner. I somehow thought that with my mounting 'to-do' lists, art was the last thing I should be doing.
In retrospect, I can definitely say I was wrong.
Cutting out such a major part of my life just left me feeling restless and lonely, like I was missing something. Plus, on a more practical side, I lost a lot of my talent, my 'eye' for line-drawing and other helpful artsy skills, because I was out of practice. 
So, when I got back from Egypt, I was determined to make art a priority. I began making watercolor paintings and turning them into giclee prints. I made journals and practiced often. I tried to remind myself how much fun I have making art.
As an aid in that process, I decided to open an Etsy shop. You have probably seen my little ad on the left side column, "shop my art!" which links to my Etsy page. While I've never pushed to advertise my shop much, I always kept it as a reminder and inspiration to keep making art. 
With my upcoming move to London, though, I will be closing my shop.
I'll still be making art, but I won't have nearly as many of my supplies, nor the ability to print, pack, and ship my prints while abroad.
While, I'm sad to be closing [at least temporarily], I wanted to let you all in on the good news: I've got a gift for you.
My shop will be open until August 27, two weeks from today. From now until then, I am running a discount for all of you loyal readers. To thank you for your support, and to try and put some lovingly-made art into your home, I'm offering 10-30% off of all prints

My prints are mostly music inspired, but other include pop-culture references, while some are simply constructs of my imagination. 
Scroll through, pick a favorite, and grab the coupon code at the bottom of this post to save money on your print purchase and support me in my move.  Purchase prints here

1 print for 10% off - code: due10
2 prints for 20% off - code: due20
3 or more prints for 30% off - code: due30

I sincerely hope you'll support my shop, and help me to close it with a bang! You can purchase all prints here.

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