Life Lately

Here's my life, currently:
-I am scheduled to fly out for school in London in ONE week.
-My visa, passport, and other significant documents are currently 3,000 miles away at the British Consulate, hopefully being processed to be sent back to me right this very second.
-There is a major volcano in Iceland set to erupt this week. I'm supposed to be staying there for 3-days, in a week's time.
-My final check for work - my travel spending money - has yet to arrive after 30-days of waiting.

My chocolate consumption has sky-rocketed this week, but I've yet to identify a firm cause for this.

In order to deal with my stress and wrangle it into submission, I've been coming up with potential solutions for the aforementioned problems. They are as follows:
(A) The volcano blows late this week, friday or saturday. This way if my passport/visa/check doesn't arrive in time, I don't have to pay for changing my flight, and I get an extra few days to wait for their arrival.
(B) I call the consulate, sob to them about my lack of passport/visa and my flight next week, beg them to send them to me ASAP even though I didn't pay the $200 "priority fee" for processing. Bake them cookies as thanks for the exchange.
(C) Call Icelandair, tell them I'm terrified of flying with a volcanic eruption eminent, ask for a full refund of my flight, and wait to purchase flight until visa/passport/check are in hand.
(D) Attempt to board plane without passport, claim someone stole it in the airport, demand immediate retribution for the crime.
(E) Give up all hope, curl up in bed, and watch Criminal Minds for the next two weeks, telling myself that at least I didn't get murdered by a sexual sadist. I just didn't get to go to grad school or move internationally. Consume as much comfort food as my stomach can handle. Wear only sweatpants and stained tshirts.
(F) Become Walter Mitty.
(G) Become a recluse.

So you see, I really have plenty of options, and no need to fret.

On a serious note, I wrote an article for the lovely Caity of Where the Heart Is on "How to Plan Extended Layovers". You should totally go check it out!

Also: I officially own a domain! Due East is now at dueeastblog.com; if you have my site bookmarked, be sure to update it with its new address!

Do you have any tips/solutions for my current travel problems? Chime in - I need all the help I can get!

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  1. Eat more chocolate! I predict everything will work out just fine. Just keep telling yourself that!

  2. Don't worry about the volcano. Even if it does do something here in Reykjavik and most of the country you wouldn't even know that there is a rumbling volcano around!

  3. Ah man that sounds crazy - I hope everything works out ok and the volcano doesn't mess up your plans!

  4. Ohhh no this sounds so stressful! Keep telling yourself it will be okay. It will!

  5. Thank you for the support! I've got my fingers crossed things will work out.

  6. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words :)

  7. That's good to hear! Part of me wants to witness the eruption, if possible. But I also need to get to London... haha. We will see ;)

  8. Yay for self-hosting!!!
    And YAYYYY you'll be here sooooooooooon! I'm interested to see what will happen when you have British chocolate. Many of my American friends really dislike it.