Friends and Fashion and Photoshoots

Before I ever started Due East, I had hoped on writing a fashion blog. Which, given the stark lack of style-inspired posts on here, may come as a surprise. You see, style is a big passion of mine, but I've never focused on it here because I have more fun writing travel articles. I have a massive jewelry collection, basically live on Modcloth updates, and love doing a bit of thrifting in my free time.
The problem is that my travel style is completely different than my 'regular' style, as I tend to dress for comfort and ease of (back)packing. 

Regardless, yesterday I met with a good friend of mine, and she re-inspired me to do a bit of fashion blogging on the side. While it might not be a regular feature, I hope to show you all a bit more of my style and what inspires me.
As a result of her enthusiastic push, we did an on-the-fly photoshoot after our get together. While this is a relatively basic outfit, I think it gives you a taste of my style, and if nothing else, was fun to photograph!

shirt: Modcloth/ skirt: thrifted/ purse: thrifted/ jewelry: vintage

PS: my lovely friend Cait here is an absolute inspiration. She is potentially moving to London as well, so we will get to continue these get-togethers overseas! I am currently designing a blog for her, so keep your eye out and be sure to check her out once it goes live. Inspiring friends are the absolute best, don't you think?

Have you ever had dreams of a different topic for your blog? What's your go-to style?

PS - This is Due East's 100th post! What took me so long, huh? ;) 
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  1. That first photo of you is lovely! You have such dramatic coloring, and I'm always jealous of people who can pull off red lipstick. I know there's supposedly a red for everyone, but I've never found mine. . .plus my lips are naturally a gradient shade so I'm not used to seeing them all one color!

    I kind of wish I'd started blogging earlier. I only really got into it towards the end of my expat life, so there were so many adventures that will never come to light in virtual life.

    I have to confess I've been lurking on your blog because. . .I hate the Blogger comment system. Hop on board the Disqus bandwagon! It's super easy to install :)

    1. Thank you so much! I rarely wear lipstick (I've yet to master not licking it all off, or else forgetting about it and smearing it across a napkin... haha), but it's always fun to whip it out occasionally :) Unfortunately my dramatic coloring makes it difficult to get a good photo.... the contrast is so high between my hair and skin tone that most photos are over or under-exposed! haha! I had to photoshop my skin a bit darker in these photos, or else you couldn't even see my features (hello, no-nose) haha.

      You still can! You should write your stories in retrospect. They won't have that 'this just happened and I'm so excited about it" feeling necessarily, but you'll be able to make commentary on them that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. I'd love to read more of your adventures!

      I'm horrible, I know! You've given me a reason. You're the catalyst. I'm gonna go install Disqus right now!

  2. I've got to say, that red lip looks SO good! And that bag? To die for! Your entire outfit is so cute, and looks so effortless! #youwokeuplikethis! :D

    1. Ahhh this made my whole day! Thank you so much! The lipstick is Red Velvet by Lime Crime - I highly recommend grabbing a tube!

      I Appreciate your lovely words :)

  3. great photos ! xx


    1. Thank you so much! They were fun to take, which makes them even more successful :)