Boating on the Puget Sound

The first 20-years of my life were spent in my home town of Olympia, Washington. While Olympia isn't a huge city - population 50,000 - it is the capitol of Washington State, and boasts some gorgeous views. It is nestled in at the bottom-most tip of Puget Sound, the strip of water that dips down from the Straight of Juan De Fuca in the north. As a result, you can boat from Olympia up to Seattle, or further to the San Juan Islands or Canada (or Alaska, if you were very ambitious). 
As a child, my parents had a little cuddy boat that we would take out on the Sound and go camping in. As we grew older though, the boat began to break down, and we found ourself with less time and interest in taking it out for an evening of adventuring. 
However, the last few years my dad has spent rebuilding the boat, replacing all the old/broken/worn parts, and investing the time it needed to be brought back to nearly original condition. We've been talking about taking it out of it's little home in our garage for months, and finally last night we decided to go through with it.
My best friend, dad, uncle, and myself went out on the boat for several hours in the Sound, and all my childhood memories of doing the same were brought back. With only a few days left before leaving for London, it was a good way to spend a night and to soak in the last rays of summer.
Sometimes, being an avid traveler and looking for the next international adventure, I forget how beautiful my own home-town and surrounding area is. I am positive that Washington State is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it's nice to be reminded of that while I'm still here. 

Part of me is thrilled to see the sun setting earlier, the leaves changing color, and the water getting colder, but I'm going to miss nights like this.

Have you been on the Puget Sound before? What's your take on Washington?
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  1. ...Don't worry, dear--you can always return and visit, :-)!!...

  2. my parents bought a sailboat this summer and i've found myself thinking a lot of those same thoughts recently-being out on the ocean is such a freeing, wonderful feeling. and one of the best things about having a beautiful hometown is that you always have something beautiful to come home to :)

    i just found your blog and i'm so excited i did! can't wait to read more about your adventures in london

  3. It is, isn't it?! I feel like I want to take up sailing just so I can experience that feeling whenever I want (though I truly know nothing about boating). And that's a very good point :)

    I'm so happy to have you! I love hearing from new readers!