Road Trip: Vail, CO (continued)

Oh man, guys. I'm far behind. I've been on like, 5 major adventures since my last post, but I haven't had any internet. 'Tis life. To avoid overwhelming you, I'm just gonna do single posts over the next few days about each of the trips. I'm currently in Utah, on day 28 of the trip (WHOA), but let's backtrack to last weekend and my final adventures in Vail.
As I mentioned last post, Vail is a beautiful mountain town situated in the Rockies, and world-famous for its skiing. Phil went to college in Colorado, specifically so he could be close to Vail for skiing, haha.
I don't ski (yet),  but I'm a huge fan of Vail.
We stayed with Phil's aunt and uncle in their beautiful home, and they were just the loveliest hosts. I had such a good time with them, and have finally met all of his extended family! Woohoo, road trip success! 
Anyways. Last weekend was perfect - we did all the best things, and the weather was lovely. Friday night, we went around Vail Village, which is this European-inspired resort town with adorable boutiques and restaurants. 
Saturday, we woke up, went to a diner (my favorite, of course), wandered around the local weekend market, went on a stunning hike, went to an art festival, and finished off the day by riding quads with Phil's aunt and uncle to the top of a nearby mountain to watch the sunset.
WHEW. I'm exhausted just remembering it all. 
Last weekend was definitely one of my favorite parts of this trip. I can't wait to go back! Although the next time I do, Phil swore to teach me to ski, and I'm more than a bit anxious about that (I have the grace and balance of a gopher). 

Also, possibly the best part of the trip was that on our way back to the house on the quads, a llama on the loose chased us! Hahaha!

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  1. Oh man, I am so jealous of your road trippin' adventures. And the llama! So darling!

    1. Thanks! It's been a great trip - although I'm certainly exhausted! The llama was cute, until it got close and started charging and almost-biting haha! There were two more, but they weren't quite as aggressive as this one. Have you road-tripped before?