Road Trip: Mesa Verde, CO

So sorry for my lack of communication with you all! I've been without internet for the last week as a result of camping in semi-rural areas. Just know I'm not ignoring your lovely comments, and I'll get back to all of you soon!

So, have I ever expressed my undying love for lost/forgotten cities? Well, the love is real. Maybe it's the sci-fi lover/Indiana Jones/anthropologist in me, but the idea of some long lost city belonging to an ancient civilization being rediscovered is like...the coolest concept ever. I've read too many 'science mystery' novels in which some lost city is rediscovered and some related mystery arises. (Hello, James Rollins). I'm obsessed. [guilty pleasure]
It's been my goal to visit all of the major lost cities in the world at some point in my life. I've made it to Petra (Jordan) and Tikal (Guatemala), but there are [many] left to visit.
Including...one in the United States! Mesa Verde National Park, home of the Anasazi.
I first learned about the Anasazi when I was a child, and have been fascinated by them ever since. The Anasazi were a Native American tribe who lived in these pueblo homes built into the cliff-face of a mesa in southern Colorado. They thrived from 700 AD till 1300 AD when they mysteriously disappeared. They left behind expensive pottery and all sorts of goods, and no trace of where they went or why they left.
A real life mystery.
I like to go the route of alien abduction or some other unrealistic yet highly exciting conclusion. Most likely (as the park rangers told us), it was drought and lack of resources that caused them to leave. My hopes are still high for alien abduction evidence to be found, though...
(PS - you should read 'Phantom' by Dean Koontz for the most entertaining reason I've found behind the Anasazi disappearance). 
Well, Phil and I made it to Mesa Verde, and it did not disappoint. Not one bit. In fact, I'm relatively certain this is my new favorite national park, and I'm on a mission to convince everyone to visit it. 
So, go! Get thyself to Mesa Verde! You will love it. 

Also, we were treated to the absolute loveliest sunrises and sunsets...ever. Top 3 most beautiful. Unfortunately my sunset photography isn't currently up to par (I'll master light metering one day!), so ignore the dark areas and focus on the lovely hues. 

Have you been to any forgotten cities? Which are your favorites?
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  1. I remember learning about the Anasazi but I haven't thought about them in years. . .Those photos looks really cool! I love seeing ruins from lost civilizations. I haven't visited any forgotten cities yet, but I loved the ruins at Angkor, especially Ta Prohm which is still in its unrestored ruined state.

  2. Thanks! I just adore lost cities. So cool. Phil lived in Cambodia for two years before Egypt, and he is constantly praising Angkor Wat and all of the ruins there. He lived in a remote part of the jungle further north, and he said once his boss found an undiscovered temple out in the forest - still happens to this day! Such an incredible experience (fingers crossed I might still find one).