Road Trip: Grand Canyon, AZ

The Grand Canyon was a last minute addition to the trip. We went. I cried. I plastered myself to a wall. Phil went to the edge. I was terrified [of heights]. He loved it. I cried more. We left. 

Photo documentation of my feelings [of extreme terror - nobody should be that high] at the Grand Canyon. My tears and fears prevented me from getting many pictures, but there was a storm, so it was hard to get good lighting anyways. I appreciate the beauty of the location, but I'm glad it was a side trip. I wouldn't have lasted there much longer. 

PS - it's ok if you laugh at my freak-out. I would too, if I wasn't freaking out. 
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  1. I am terrified of heights too. I backpacked my way down the Grand Canyon a few years ago and it was one of my most scariest, but thrilling experiences.

    1. That's incredible! I'm very impressed you were able to do it. Let me know if you have any tips for overcoming fear of heights :)