We finished our road trip. Holy cow. My car is so dirty [and so am I]. I can't wait to have a choice of more than 4 shirts to wear and my own bed to sleep in. My body is so happy to have a regular schedule again. I'm feeling accomplished and exhausted.


Total States: 18
Total miles: 7,481
Total days: 31
National Parks + Monuments: 8
$ saved with National Parks Pass: $65
Potty breaks: 24
$ spent on cheese curds: $20
PBJs consumed: 22

I'm home now. I think I will avoid driving for a month and stick to bikes. And walking. Or maybe just confine myself to my bed - we will see. 

Also, you might have noticed some changes around the blog. All that time I spent driving, my head was churning with ideas for ways I could re-design and improve the appearance of Due East. I've been taking the Blog Design Love course via A Beautiful Mess [I highly recommend it] and have learned the little bits of code I needed to accomplish the design I've been envisioning. I finally got home so I could whip out my watercolors and test out a few designs...and this is what I came up with. Ever since I started Due East, I've always been making minor changes, but with this design, I finally feel at peace and happy with the look of things. What do you think?
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  1. Ahhhh congrats on the finish! What an adventure! Now you get to gear up for London :D What a life you have!

    1. Thanks! I'm exhausted now, but so grateful and excited for all these adventures!

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