Road Trip: Bryce Canyon, UT

As we came up the ridge to the overlook onto Bryce Canyon, I waited for a fire-breathing dragon to swoop up from between the pillars of rock and fly off into the distance. I don't think I've ever had such a strong impression of an alien (in this case, Fantasy) landscape before. Which is probably why I'm so in love with Bryce Canyon. 
Any place that makes me feel like I'm in a fairytale at, I'm a fan of.
Also, can we just talk about how perfectly orange these rocks are? Any place composed primarily of my favorite color, I will also love.
Bryce Canyon keeps hitting the mark for me. 
The brochures claimed that the most popular trail (Navajo/Queen's Garden loop, for those of you interested) is the 'best 3-mile hike in the world'. I rolled my eyes. I think that every national park probably claims to host 'the best' hikes in the world.
Except, Bryce Canyon wasn't bragging. 

No joke, this was the best hike I've ever been on. That's because it was:
-The perfect length. Not so long as to leave you bored and exhausted (especially at that altitude), and not so short to make it feel more like a walk than a hike.
-Always eye-catching and full of viewing pleasures. There was no shortage of cool things to spy.
-Full of things to climb and play on. There were 1489403248932 different little side-paths and boulders and columns and things to explore. And we did. And none of them was disappointing. 
-Easy to get to. Although I appreciate a rugged hike, it's nice to be able to drive just a few minutes inside the park to get to the trailhead. Especially in this heat.

What I'm saying is, Bryce Canyon is my new favorite place we've gone on this trip. Which is good, because you should always end on a high note, sa? This is the last stop on the road trip before our end and retreat back to Washington. I am content.

Have you been to Bryce Canyon before? Were you as smitten with it as I am? 

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