Road Trip: Boulder, Colorado (Day 19)

Wait...did I miscount? Are we really on Day 19 of our trip? Insanity.
Alas, we have made it nearly a month, and we have about one week left of our trip. It's been crazy and wonderful and I'm so happy we've made it this far. 
We have spent the last three days staying with one of Phil's best college friends in Boulder, Colorado. Phil went to the University of Colorado here (degree in economics, if you were curious), and he's been trying to get me here to show me around for ages. 
We kind of have this joking dynamic, in which we try to 'win' places. Like, who wins the prettiest home town, or who wins the prettiest vacation spot, et cetera. We are just competetive like that. 
So for a while now, Phil has been trying to 'win' best US city, claiming Boulder as his own. I claimed Seattle and Portland, so it's been a back-and-forth joke that this trip would finalize who 'wins'. 
I hate losing, but honestly, I don't mind 'losing' this round. I'm in love with Boulder. I would move here in a heartbeat. 
Everything is so pretty, there are loads of things to do, there is so much sunshine, the Pearl district is perfect for hours of browsing and shopping delights, and everyone is so healthy and in-shape that it makes you want to be healthier too. If I wasn't moving to London, I'd probably be moving to Boulder.

We've spent a lot of time eating out and hanging out with Phil's friends (two of our favorite past-times, ha), but yesterday we attempted to hike the Flat Irons as well.
I say attempted, because it didn't quite work. 
I'm [really] out of shape compared to all the local Bouldarians (Boulderites? Boulderees?), but we hadn't made it very far up the mountain when I could hardly breath and felt like passing  out. I figured...there's no way I'm THIS out of shape. I mean, I workout a decent amount, and we've been on a few other hikes on this trip thus far, and I've never struggled this much. And we were just at the base! 10 more minutes of walking with several breaks later, Phil and his friend realized that I was suffering from altitude sickness. 
Whoops. I forgot that Boulder is already a mile above sea-level, with 15% less oxygen than lower cities. 
We tried pushing on a bit further, but I could hardly walk for 3-minutes without feeling like I couldn't breathe and nearly fainting. Plus, I was close to puking on Phil, which wouldn't have been a cute look for the rest of the way down. 
We decided to turn back and head home, where I slept for the rest of the day to overcome the remaining altitude-related symptoms.
Not the best hike I've ever been on, ha ha. 

This afternoon, we head out for Vail, CO to stay with an Aunt and Uncle of Phil's. It's supposedly even more beautiful than our current setting, so I'm very much looking forward to it. At almost 10,000 feet though, I'm slightly concerned about another bout of altitude sickness. We will see.

Have you been to Colorado? Where are your favorite spots?
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  1. Lovely town! All I know about Colorado is that is has the most beautiful mountains and forests and that it's popular among ski-enthusiasts....I would certainly love to visit it one day!

    1. That's about all I knew, too! I'm obsessed now though. I highly recommend you visit, if you're able!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! I have a friend from Colorado - living abroad makes you want to go visit everyone's hometowns, but you just extra-sold it to me!

    1. Thanks! You should totally go - I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I don't think I've loved a city in the States as much as I now love Boulder.

  3. Boulder was definitely one of my favorites in Colorado, but nothing beats the views and hikes in Rocky Mtn National Park.

    1. Agreed! The whole area has some stunning hikes - I need to move there so I can attempt them all! Do you have a favorite?

    2. I have not done many, I have only taken two trips (hopefully, more in the future), but I really loved my backpacking trip into Lawn Lake. The views were just AMAZING.