Road Trip: Days 2 + 3

Road trip revelations:
1. Drivers in Yellowstone are the absolute worst.
2. A box of birthday chocolates will last approximately 2 days on a road trip. 
3. "Northern Wyoming might as well not exist"- as quoted by a local on the lack of civilization. 

Yesterday we drove from Missoula, MT to Powell, WY, which equaled about 9-hours in the car. 
Which was fine, because the drive was absolutely stunning. There wasn't a single bit of that stretch that wasn't peppered with views of snow-capped mountains, jagged cliffs, and grassy fields with glassy streams. 

We took a break mid-day for a white water rafting trip down the yellowstone river. We are spending the next 3-days hiking yellowstone and visiting the sites, so yesterday we stuck to the one adventure and continued on our route.

Have you ever been white water rafting before? Just like with all things, I got really excited about the idea, moments before it started got super scared, and then afterwards acted like it was all no big deal. Which, you know, I pretend like isn't my response to these things, but it always is without fail. White water rafting was super fun, but unfortunately we were placed in a raft with a family with 4-kids who weren't interested in doing anything too crazy and had a bad time coordinating their paddling, throwing us off course a lot. I'm pleased with my overall introduction though, and look forward to more adrenaline-boosting experiences in the same vein, in the future. 

We quickly changed clothes post-raft, hopped back in the car with a to-go pizza, and went on our merry way. We chose to drive through yellowstone on a more scenic route, and immediately regretted the decision 

Are you aware that EVERYONE who is driving through yellowstone drives at 15mph and stops in the road (even where 'no-stopping' signs abound) to look at animals that might be creeping in the woods? I mean, I get that it's cool to drive past herds of buffalo and elk, but you can park and hike - it isn't necessary to stop in the middle of the road and create a 20-car traffic jam. 

At one point Phil and I pulled over to switch seats, and I jokingly said 'I wonder how many people will pull over to see what we stopped for when we switch?' In the less than 2-minute seat swap, with absolutely no animals in sight, a total of 4-cars pulled off the road to see what we were looking at (hahaha). So basically, we are all lemmings. 

We finally exited the park, hopped on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, and drove for a further 2-hours. We passed 0 towns and 3 cars in that time. But the views were lovely, making the lonely drive worth it. 

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  1. Gorgeous views, even if there are a ton of lemmings on the road :)