Road Trip: Day 7

South Dakota is pretty cool. Is it weird that I was picturing grass and flat terrain for miles?
Well, let's not jump the gun. Most of South Dakota is like that.
I, however, am in Rapid City near the Black Hills, which is full of lush forests and craggy cliffs. Which has been awesome so far.
Currently, I'm sitting in my tent in the woods with blistered and burnt shoulders, a rash on my legs from an unknown plant I encountered on a hike, wrapped up in approximately 4 blankets because tents never retain heat, no matter how hot it is during the day.
What I'm saying is, I've had a successful few days in South Dakota (ha).
I'll come back to the hiking part later, and for now stick to our day seeing all the sites.
I never pictured myself as one who would enjoy driving around to see US monuments. Mt. Rushmore included, they never seemed to hold the intrigue for me as do lost temples and massive works of art (I'm looking at you, Central America and Europe). However, I've come to hold an appreciation of our parks and monuments, and am glad to have accepted the challenge of viewing so many on this trip.
On our 7th day, we went and saw Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse monument (to be superior to Mt. Rushmore, upon completion), and the dinosaur park (am I allowed to say that was my favorite?).

Side note: I was particularly tired this day (lack of sleep due to rain storm in a tent), and managed to take a grand total of 20 pictures haha. 

Proof I didn't steal my photos off the internet. 

Part 2 in my series 'Why All the Animals Love Me', featuring: Mountain Goats. 

It's very difficult to sit on a triceratops, just so you know. 
Have you been to South Dakota? What are your favorite national monuments?
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1 comment:

  1. Huh, I kind of always assumed those middle states were all grass and flat terrain forever. Those cliffs are awesome! And Mount Rushmore. . .snicker. I'd kind of forgotten it existed; it's one of those odder bits of Americana. I wonder what I'd have to do to get my face carved on a mountain? Fun last photo!