Road Trip: Day 6

I seriously love diners. I don't know why, but the idea of sitting in a little cafe in the middle of nowhere with a cup of burnt coffee in hand and a waitress that calls you 'honey' is the epitome of 'quaint' for me.
We've gone to several diners on this trip.
Road trip revelation: midwest diners don't live up to my expectations. 
Now, it could be that we managed to go to 4 of the only bad diners in the midwest, but as Phil aptly described it, all the midwest diner food tastes like 'old lady church food'. 
You know the type - the kind a kindly old woman with good intentions and poor cooking skills would bring to a small town church potluck.
The first diner we went to, Phil ordered nachos - which was a plate of doritos covered in velveeta and diced vegetables.
Granted, I warned him that ordering nachos at a small-town cafe in the middle of Wyoming wherein scantily clad paintings of Native American women donned the walls was a poor decision, since Mexican entrees were surely not their forte.
The next diner we went to we both got macaroni and cheese - a comfort food classic. 
This diner's rendition of mac n' cheese was in the form of a box of Kraft.
I was more than a tad disappointed. All my hopes and dreams of small-town diner food were being dashed left and right.
I still hold out hope, though. 
At least what the midwest lacks in diners, it makes up for in fantastic views. We are now officially in South Dakota, but the drive from Wyoming was doused with a healthy dose of rocky sites, wildlife, and dinosaur shops (THE BEST)*

Our primary destination was the Devil's Tower - a huge monolithic rock intrusion in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. It was a pretty incredible site, one I highly recommend visiting if you get the opportunity.

*Side note - I LOVE DINOSAURS. They're my guilty pleasure. Can an [extinct] animal even be considered a guilty pleasure? I don't know, but these are. I was in heaven. 

This last photo is clearly an outtake.... I was just really excited about the DOZENS of prairie dogs that had surrounded me. hahaha!
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  1. I remember loving prairie dogs whenever we headed out west as a child!

    Unfortunately I'll have to dispute your love of diners. As a patron, they're charming. When you work in a small-town diner full of... characters... it's different :/

    1. I'd never seen a prairie dog in the wild before! I'm a little obsessed now.

      And you're definitely spot-on with your worker's perspective - dealing with the people who come to [small town] diners is totally different than actually being one of the guests at said diner. Customers can be crazy, and I can only imagine the colorful slew of characters you would get at a diner!

      Also, my idea of diners is highly romanticized, so it's no wonder none of them have quite lived up to my expectations haha.