Road Trip: Day 5

I'm a little terrified of Yellowstone. Is that weird?
Maybe it's my knowledge of the underground super volcano, or perhaps it's the recurring childhood nightmare of a 'Dante's Peak' -like scenario recurring every time I see a thermal feature. (Did you ever see Dante's Peak? It's a horrible movie about the Mt. St. Helen's eruption, in which an old woman wades through a boiling pool of water and burns off her legs. Horrifying for a child, double-horrifying because I live a short drive from Mt. St. Helens). 
Regardless of the reason, I'm basically a five-year-old around the hot springs and geysers. I'm equal parts horrified of what damage I know the water will cause, as well as incredibly tempted to reach my hand into the shining pools of rainbow water. 
I think it's safe to say that the prismatic hot springs are basically the chocolate cakes of nature. 
(Incredibly damaging but irresistible).

Also - did you know that only 2% of all visitors to Yellowstone leave the main sites to go hiking?
Phil and I bopped on over to Old Faithful (a tad over-rated, though I've seen her blow her top before), and then went on a hike to Angel Falls. Granted, it's a pretty flat 6-mile hike, but it was tiring considering (A) I'm [really] out of shape, and (B) It was like...82-degrees out. Practically boiling. 
Shape and temperature aside, the hike was lovely and the falls were beautiful. I highly recommend this hike, because it also borders the back side of the Grand Prismatic Hot Springs, so you get a cool view of rainbow-hued steam over a flat area of clear water. 

Side note: I'd just like to return to the fact that only TWO PERCENT of people who visit Yellowstone venture away from the parking lots and boardwalks. Isn't that sad? There are so many cool things to see beyond those sites that are fenced in. 

Anyways. I had a bit of an issue with my camera (I fixed it though, don't even fret), so my pictures are a bit minimal. 

What are your favorite sites in Yellowstone?
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  1. Gorgeous pics! Now that you describe it, I'm sure I'd feel a little nervous around geysers and things. I'd love to go though! And definitely venture around too - glad you chose to do that and see what's around the Park as well!

    1. Thank you! And they put barriers and things up around some of the features, but once you go hiking everything is up for grabs (literally?). I just don't trust myself around rainbow-hued boiling water, haha. You should definitely go, if you're able! It's my second trip to the park, and just as awesome the second time around.

  2. Seriously only 2%? I thought sticking to the boardwalks was an Asian thing (I've never actually been to an American national park)! Ah, your photos are gorgeous. I need to travel more in the USA.

    1. Thanks! For a long time I had this unconscious belief that traveling in the States isn't as good as traveling internationally. While I'd rather a trip to Europe, I've come to appreciate all the cool stuff in my backyard much more. Also - 2% is exceedingly low. For like, one of the top 5 coolest places to hike in the whole country?! I'm disappointed with that statistic.