Road Trip: Day 4

Let me sing you the glories of Cody, Wyoming.
Named after William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, this small town (population 9,000) is the rodeo capitol of the world.
Now, while everyone wasn't walking the streets sporting chaps and cowboy hats (which I'm more than a little disappointed about, mind you), there are bits of Buffalo Bill ephemera strewn everywhere. Seriously, the name of every building and business has the words 'buffalo', 'bill', or 'cody' involved somewhere.
For those of you whose history on Buffalo Bill is lax, let me give you a recap. Buffalo Bill was a famous rodeo rider and sharp shooter who toured with world with his Wild West, doing nightly reenactments of 'cowboys and indians' in the 1800's. This makes him (officially?) one of the first rodeo stars. He's pretty cool, or so all the billboards tell me. (Am I allowed to turn the word 'billboards' into a Buffalo Bill pun somehow?)

We went to the Buffalo Bill museum, and visited Cody's 'world famous' rodeo.

Buffalo Bill Museum:
-Massive (on par with any in DC or New York)
-Has natural history, western art, and Buffalo Bill items
-Totally worth visiting

Cody Rodeo:
-A big deal (the performers are from all over the US)
-Crazy to watch (I'm still terrified for the bronco and steer riders)
-Made me want to perform is embroidered western shirts on a beautiful palomino (childhood dreams, revisited).

Silly me forgot to empty her memory card, so I ran out of room for photos shortly after this. Today we are off to Yellowstone for hiking and mountain goat chasing (I will have to chase them because I want to see them terribly and will be heart broken if they hide). My point is - go visit Cody for some small town western charm and lots of pretty horses.
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1 comment:

  1. Whoa, a real live rodeo sounds like it would be so cool/nerve-wracking. Cody, Wyoming sounds like a nice slice of old time Americana. Haha, I used to really be into horses when I was a kid and I loved palominos!