Road Trip Day 1: Missoula, MT

We've been on the road for only 24 hours now, and our trip is already a smashing success. It was an 8-hour drive to Missoula from Olympia, and most of that was soaking wet in pouring rain. Apparently we are missing the sunshine by a few days, which is disappointing because I was excited for busting out the sunscreen and shaking off my cave-creature palor.

Our first stop was in Missoula, Montana to visit one of Phil's cousins whom I've never met and he hasn't seen in over 10-years. 
Grace (Phil's cousin) is almost the same age as me, is a photographer, and an incredible musician who lives in this quaint little house with her 3 other bandmates. They spend their days making pretty pictures, playing good music, and drinking coffee.
I think I've sound my soul mate in everything she does.
Their house is full of the loveliest vintage items, so much good art, and a 'ballroom' complete with their band's set-up for in-house shows. 
They took us in, made us coffee, and showed us their home-made Kung Fu movie all in the first 10 minutes. I was simply charmed.

Grace has her own photography business, and you should check it out if you want to see all of the loveliest photos. Her website is here, and here is one of my favorite photos of hers:

Please note that this photo was taken by Grace, of Grace, and is the work of her magical brain (not mine). 
Anyways, our evening was full of good music, good food, and a lovely golden glow.

Grace is famous for her magnificent hair, so I begged her to do mine, and we were twins for the night. 

Remember how I mentioned that they are all in a band? Gerygone & Twig is the name, and they played a little in-house show for us that I'm still swooning over. They are incredible musicians. 

I'm so pleased to have made such good, new friends. We will be coming back to Missoula.

Today's adventures include: driving to Gardiner, MT for an afternoon of white water rafting. Fingers crossed I make it!

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