To DC, Forever Ago

So, one of the reasons I went so long without blogging, is that I put this self-imposed 'traveling around the US isn't as exciting as international travel' mentality into play. I assumed (without evidence) that people wouldn't enjoy reading about travels around the States as much as they like reading about Guatemala or Jordan. 

Now, while I might not encounter as many crazy situations in the States because I have a cultural grasp of the language and social norms, I still visited some pretty amazing places over the last year.
Since June of 2013, I've been to:
-Washington DC/Virginia (x4)
-Maryland (x3)
-North Carolina (x1)
-Tennessee (x1)
-West Virginia, Georgia, Oregon (drove through briefly)

If my count is accurate (and I think it is), that means I've been on at least 9 pretty significant trips to new states. And you know what? I didn't just stay at home in bed working on those trips (although I did have to do that some) . I went and did some cool stuff. 

What I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry for writing off the amazing attractions our country has. I'm sorry for not sharing them with all of you. And I'm sorry for writing off a solid period of my life as 'uncool' just because it wasn't spent internationally. 

Here are some pictures from my most recent trip to DC (one of the only trips I brought my camera on):

Where are your favorite places to visit in the US?

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