The Emerald City

I just had the most glorious day in Seattle. This is one of those cities when, experienced on a sunny day, I feel like anyone who visits just falls in love.
We don't need to talk about all the comma splices in the above run-on sentence.
Anyways - if you've never been to Seattle, you're seriously missing out. It's right on Puget Sound so there are a number of beautiful beaches, you have a view of the Olympic Mountains, and there are tons of fun tourist attractions and outdoor events all summer long.

I met up with one of my very best friends, Jessica, for the day. She and I grew up together (as a result of our dads going to high school together), so we've got a long history. She's so much fun, I just love her.
The reason for our meeting (besides wanting to catch up) was for an early birthday celebration - and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. We went to the beach, went to the best sandwich shop in town (Paseos - GO!), and headed to Pikes Place before finishing with birthday cake.
It was simply golden.
Basically, I'm saying you should go to Seattle soon. Here are my favorite pictures from the day.

The Golden Gardens (beach in the above photos) looked like a version of 1950's Coney Island to me, and I'm absolutely convinced you'll never find prettier flowers than at Pikes Place. I bought the loveliest bunch for only $10, because every once in a while a bouquet of fresh flowers is good for the soul. Also, we overheard a passerby make note of my red lip stain by telling their companion 'that girl has phenomenal lipstick!'. I'm convinced more than ever that this red lipstick should be a staple in my daily wardrobe.
Have you been to Seattle? Where are you favorite places to visit in the city?
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