On Blogging

Over the last week, a series of epiphanies have hit me.
1) I'm done with my writing job in 2 weeks
2) In the last year, I've written a grand total of 6 blog posts
3) When I move to London, I won't have a source of income

So what does this all mean? I realized I haven't taken my blogging seriously post-Egypt, I miss blogging, and I could potentially become quite successful at it given my future free time and travels. Since these revelations have struck, I've gone into full blogger edit mode. I've made some design changes, learned some new code, and made some content decisions that will effect Due East for the rest of its existence.

The biggest change though, is the content. From now on, I will be posting 2-3 times a week. That's right, 2-3 posts weekly on travel tips, stories, art, culture, photography, and the related goods. Not only that, I'm going to be hosting a new feature in which I showcase the adventurous and hilarious stories of fellow travelers.

Yes, this all sounds relatively dramatic. But I guess my only two functions right now are 'way-too-excited' and 'slightly-sobering-yet-dramatic'. I went for the latter on this post (good or bad call? haha).

Among some of the other changes is the choice to begin sponsorships! I've added a new 'Sponsor' page on the navigation bar, which I urge you to check out. I'll be hosting advertisements for other blogs, websites, and related companies. And I now offer blogging services, if you want help with your own blog!

What this all comes down to is: follow me on social media, visit Due East often, and get excited for some really fantastic new content. Thanks for bearing with me!
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