Those first few days after any vacation are always a bit melancholy. It is always nice to be back in your own bed, but there is the constant longing for the relaxation and/or adventure just a few days previously you were experiencing.
I was expecting this week to be pretty lame. After such an amazing vacation, anything "normal" would just feel like a let-down.
Although I can't say I had a fantastic return home, I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the week went. It was rather uneventful, and putting off grading gave me some free time for hanging out and doing creative things that I normally never have time for.
On Thursday night, Mary and I were sitting on our bed contemplating our combined love of music and Mary's growing skill in playing the guitar, when it hit us.
We want to make music.
So, we did.
I sat down, and in about ten minutes had the lyrics written up for a complete song. About three hours after that, the combined composing of Mary and I along with Mary's instrument and voice talents, we had a real song!
Now, this is a very rough demo.
We intend to add other instruments over time, and I might even join her in singing some background.
I'm still pretty excited about the whole thing.
Because, even if the song sucks and ends up being a flop in terms of people enjoying it, the process of actually creating it was so amazing. It was super cathartic to get out all of that creativity out in one fell swoop. Plus, both of us are feeling pretty accomplished and a lot closer as a result.
You can listen to the song, titled "Resonate" here:

The song is inspired by a mutually favorite  book "House of Leaves," which if you want a thriller that will blow your mind, I highly recommend reading. It is also inspired by the Greek myth of the wood nymph Echo. Interested in a copy of the lyrics? Email me and I am happy to send them to you.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here. Everyone is still a little dazed from vacation, so the classes have all been running smoothly so far.

The past few days have mainly consisted of lounging around, talking, and reading. On that topic, the past few weeks have given me plenty of opportunity to read books. As I mentioned back in January when talking about "non-resolutions," I have made a daily goal to do something creative (like read a book, art, etc.) for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Aside from a few very busy periods, I have kept up on my non-resolution! Primarily in the form of reading. Here are my most recent reads from the past month:

The Great Gatsby: Umm. Obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I read the whole book in just about two sittings, and bawled my eyes out when I finished. I have wanted to read the book for years, and I finally found the time and ability to and I'm SO glad I did. You must read it if you can, it is one of my new favorites. I'm contemplating re-reading it now, even though I just finished it a few weeks ago. I never do that.

Enders Game: Super good, but I predicted the ending. I just found out there is a movie coming out sometime next year, so it is good that I read it in time. That's right. I'm one of those people who won't see a movie unless I've read the book first. Anyways, this one is a super good psychological/action adventure that I give a recommendation for.

Clan of the Cave Bear: This is a series I've heard a lot about over the years, and finally bought a copy of the first book. It was super long and I was impressed with the incredibly detailed plot. If you like series, this is a good option. Just prepare yourself for several days (or weeks) of reading the 600+ pages.

Gone Girl: Possibly the most stressful and twisty book I've read. This is a definite must-read for psychological thriller/murder mystery fans. It makes you question ever relationship you've ever had. Good stuff.

I realize I don't really give book reviews here, but with the frequent reading I've been doing, I felt like I might give you a little insight into a big part of my life.
What have I been doing other than reading?

And so has everyone else. hahaha.
Pastor Tom just needed a snuggle buddy after a long week. The photo is dark, but that is Phil's lap he is sleeping on. hahaha

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