So as of tomorrow, I can no longer use "jet lag" as a valid excuse for my omnipresent exhaustion.
Several more cups of tea it is!
The past few days have been rather dull. Nothing exciting has happened, at all.
We are reviewing all week in all of my classes, because we have final exams next week. My students are bitter that I am giving them cumulative exams, but I am trying hard to convince them that this is actually better since they know all the material already.
That means classes are extra boring though.
I don't want to give any new material, because they need as much review time as possible.
I. Hate. Reviewing.
As a teacher, at least.
It sucks spending a whole week going over the same material you have been for the past five months.
Especially because I don't get to start teaching the interesting stuff until second semester!
Essentially, I am just waiting for this week to get over.
One exciting thing though, is that there is a new SM coming on Wednesday. His name is Jordan, and he is a friend of Sara and Chris. I've gotten to know him through Sara too over the past few months, and we are all looking forward to his addition to our group.
So that is fun!
And our long overdue SM Christmas party is this Saturday, so I have that to look forward to too, I suppose.
I've been feeling rather lackluster lately, and I think I figured out why.
Now, I feel I need a disclaimer.
Yes, it is January.
Yes, it is a new year.
No, this is not a New Year's Resolution. haha
I hate those things. From personal experience, observation, and psychological studies, I know that they rarely if ever work. I am pretty opposed to them.
Now, I realize what I am about to say is going to sound a lot like a new year's resolution.
But it's not.
I realized that my recent ennui is probably a result of being a cold reclusive hermit.
Let me explain.
It is still freezing here, and we have no heat in our house.
So the warmest place is my bed, loaded up with sweatshirts and blankets.
Which means I spend a lot of time curled up in my bed, avoiding the cold cold world outside.
This also means I haven't been doing much of anything.
I've been alone, in my room, and typically in the dark.
It isn't nearly as depressing as it sounds, I promise haha.
I really appreciate having an excuse to have alone time like this sometimes, since typically I am around people constantly. And I like it to be dark, because it reminds me of rainy Olympia.
So anyways.
Back on topic.
My general boredom and lack of interest in things here can probably be correlated to this withdrawal to my warm bed.
So I've made a decision.
Every day, I am going to spend thirty minutes doing some sort of right-brain oriented activity.
In general, I am a really creative person. I require a creative outlet of some sort. I haven't been getting any.
But that is changing.
Every day, I will spend thirty minutes either reading a book, writing, doing photography (with my new fancy camera!), learning a language, practicing an instrument (also just started taking lessons), drawing or making art of some sort... the list goes on.
This, I think, will help me to feel more productive in general, and I will also get some awesome end-results from the process. Win-win, right?
I managed to smuggle about ten books back to Egypt with me when I came back last week, and so a combined goal is to read them all before graduation in June.
Challenge accepted.
For Christmas this year, I was incredibly spoiled by friends and family in the gift department. I mean, seriously. One of my favorite gifts was a new fancy camera from my dad. He is a professional photographer, and gifted me his first professional camera he owned. I don't know much about cameras/photography so the name doesn't mean much to me, but it is a Cannon 20D. Before I left, my dad spent about two hours with me going over the purpose of all the buttons and settings, so I've been playing around with them a bit since having been here. Yesterday, Mary and I decided to walk around campus and test out my new gadget.
These are the results.

All of these were taken various places around campus. I realize that none of them are particularly stunning or spectacular, but I still like the look of them. If nothing else, it gives you an idea of the way some things look here. I look forward to exploring more, and being able to take quality-looking photos :)
In general, I am pretty stoked about my new years non-resolution.
If you want to join me in my venture, feel free!
I will keep you updated with how things turn out.

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