Silent Night

Beginning tomorrow, the official one-week countdown will begin.
There will be a note posted on my fridge and everything.
That way, when I go to eat my morning tangerines, I can look upon the lovely visage of my fridge and smile.
Eight days.
Until I am home.
Man, oh man, I'm gonna flip out.
I'm just gonna run around, and drink coffee and eat cheeseburgers (the two foods I've missed most, haha), and stand in the rain, and drive my car every day.
Talk about a homecoming.
I cannot even wait to have my own bed at home again.
I adore my bed. Being separated for five months has made me miss it oh so terribly.
I will spend a lot of time sleeping, I think.
Not too much though, seeing as I've got lots of lovely people to meet with while I am there!
I only have two weeks to try and catch up with all my friends and family... that simply is not enough time.
If you are interested in hanging out with me and have yet to make plans, PLEASE contact me! My time is filling up quickly, and I really do want to see as many of you as possible while I am home!
So this week has been, how do you call, lame.
I'm sick.. again.
Also, my students decided this was a good week to torture me.
I've had to send four to the principals office in the past three days alone.
Enough, already! Can't you see I can't daydream about traveling if you are causing all sorts of nonsensical trouble? --- is what I would say to my students if it were allowed.
Well, same as last time this happened (Thanksgiving), I am using my ESL class as a means of cheering me up.
I feel bad for using them so much...
But they are just. so. precious.
We are having our big Christmas Program on Sunday, and so for it I decided to spend time teaching my ESL a song to perform.
Now, I need to give a disclaimer.
I love the Egyptians. SO MUCH. But there is one thing they all suffer from.
Tone deafness.
Very few of them can sing on key... ever.
So, knowing this, and also knowing that my ESL can barely read/speak English, I tired to pick a decently easy Christmas song.
Turns out, it may not be easy enough.
I chose "Silent Night."
And they absolutely adore it.
We have practiced it in class every day for the past week. The students adore it.
Every time I walk into class now, they all start a booming rendition of the song.
That's right. I have seventeen young men serenading me every day at work.
They sing their little hearts out, every time. Half of them don't know/understand the words, but they put their all into it.
Two in particular, Wasseem and Akram, are totally infatuated with this song.
They always get in trouble for singing in my class anyways, so the fact that I am spending class time to teach them a song is just too much to handle.
So after a week of practice, they asked if they could sing the song for me in front of the class.
And lucky enough for you all, I got a video :)
So. Please watch this, and be incredibly amused.
Your day can't be bad when you see them trying their hardest. It is just too precious.
Also, please note, these two have the best voices of anyone in class, and possibly the whole school.
Keep that in mind.
Wasseem is on the left, Akram is on the right.

They are singing this for the whole school on Saturday, and I can't wait! I'm a proud mama.
This week, we also started another school tradition that comes around for the holidays: "Secret Friend."
I somehow don't like the name of this game.
It connotes "Secret Admirer" to me.
It is actually just the Egyptian version of "Secret Santa."
All the (willing) staff and students threw their names into a hat, and we drew who our secret friend would be. Then, every day until the Christmas party next Wednesday, we deliver secret gifts to our friend.
I am so excited about this.
I absolutely adore giving gifts! I love people's reactions.
I don't mind receiving gifts, either ;)
My secret friend, I have determined, is one of my ESL or 9th Grade boys. And they are treating me well.
I have gotten chocolate, juice, and two kilos of tangerines.
I feel so spoiled. All my favorite things!
They also write me cute little notes in Arabic, which thanks to my recent studying, I am able to read and understand.
SO sweet.
So, secret friend is getting my through this next week.
And listening to the lovely voices of my ESL boys.
Can't wait to see you all! Eight days!
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  1. I will be over at you house on the 23rd and am excited to see you and hear more about all of your travels and whatnot.

  2. Isaac! I can't wait to see you on Sunday! It will be so good to get together like old times.