So the past week has been incredibly uneventful. A lot has probably happened, but a combination of two things are concurrent that would make me overlook most of my daily activities: it is Christmas in 23 days, and I will be going back to AMERICA in 21 days.
I can't think straight.
Too much daydreaming to do!
Also, I am slightly depressed.
It is December... and seventy degrees out, sunny, and green. There are no Christmas lights, trees, or decorations of any sort, and I am the only person on the entire campus who is at all interested in listening to Christmas music.
It is my favorite time of the whole year, and I have nothing sentimental or nostalgic to make it feel like Christmas.
All I want is peppermint hot chocolate and snow.
All I can think about is the 21 days between my peppermint hot chocolate and snow.
Or at the very least, rain.
I miss rain.
I have been doing as much as possible to get that nostalgic "Christmas" feeling I get this time of year, but the environment is a real hindrance in the process.
My main source of sentimentality has been good Christmas music.
I am what one might call a music fiend. I love music. Love. It.
But I am very picky.
As good as the classics are for Christmas music, I love me some good modern versions of the best old songs. Here is a playlist I have put together of some of my favorite modern bands and their covers/creations for the holidays:

1) O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Sufjan Stevens
2) Red Ribbon Foxes - A Fine Frenzy
3) Baby It's Cold Outside - She and Him
4) Wonderful Christmas Time - The Shins
5) Carol of the Bells - The Bird and the Bee
6) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - The Civil Wars
7) What Are You Doing This New Year's Eve? - The Head and the Heart
8) Winter Song - Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
9) Jingle Bell Rock - Pas/Cal
10) Always in the Season - Pomplamoose
11) Little Drummer Boy - Erin McCarley
12) Let it Snow - The Puppini Sisters
13) Silent Night - Priscilla Ahn

I'm almost at the point where I might be making snowflakes out of printer paper to hang in streamers from my bedroom ceiling. I need some Christmas in Egypt.
That sounds like a good craft for my ESL class...
If I'm lucky it will turn out as well as my hand turkeys did.
Speaking of which.
Remember last week, on Thanksgiving to be precise, when I burned off some of my hair?
Yeah, that.
Well, it turns out singed hair doesn't like to cooperate. Several days later of steel-wool hair led me to one conclusion: I had to cut it off.
So I did.
Hello, Cleopatra.
I cut my own hair and gave myself some blunt bangs. They didn't turn out too shabby, but my students have come up with some interesting allusions to my appearance.
I've gotten two comments consistently since the hair cut: "Miss, you look like Nefertiti" or "Ya miss, you like like Chinese."

I'll let you decide. I'm thinking more mod 60's esq, but I suppose I can be happy with Nefertiti.
My spur-of-the-moment hair cut was honestly the most exciting thing to happen to me all week.
Sara and I have made a couple new friends.
There are two men who work construction on the fifth floor of the apartment building behind our house, and whenever we go to our backyard to hang laundry (which is quite often) they shout down at us to get out attention. The building has no walls, so they are just out in the open yelling at us in Arabic, sometimes in English, and whistling. They yelled "I love you!" to Sara the other day. Too funny.
Anyways, they have been persistent in their catcalls.
They keep yelling "hey! where are you from!"
I guess it's handy that I know how to say "your mom" in Arabic. Because that will be my response the next time they shout that particular question.
On that tangent - I have been learning a lot more Arabic in the past week.
I've been practicing my reading and writing, and can now do so decently well.
The Arabic teacher at the high school has been meeting with Sara and I to teach us new vocab/help with our speech and pronunciation. I am conversant in the language now, even though they all laugh at me because my Arabic speaking voice apparently sounds like a child's.
I believe it.
I hope to be semi-fluent by the end of the year, but we will see.
I girl can dream.
So that's it! Super uneventful!
This week is spirit week though, so I will have an update with all my crazy photos from the week.
Because boy, do I get into spirit week.
I am one spirited teacher.
So stay tuned and prepare to laugh at my spirited shenanigans.
Drink some hot cocoa for me, if you have it!

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