You Get Back What You Give

Excuse the tacky title of this post. I stole it off one of my high school t-shirts. It doesn't change the fact that it is true, though.
Here's the deal.
The past two years at Nile Union Academy, they have had to cancel two full months of school: one for the revolution and everyone had to be evacuated, and one for a fire at the school. As a result, they lost two months worth of income, and had to spend a lot of money for damage control on campus.
What does this mean?
Many of the students here can't get the financial aid they ask for from the school, because the school has no money to give them. Our finances here are completely wiped out, to the point that they are coming close to being unable to pay the staff for their jobs. We make $40 a month per person, to put things into perspective.
Several of the students come from middle class homes who are able to pay for their education.
However, a large portion of the students come from small villages in Upper Egypt and are only able to pay 1/10 of their total school bill because their families are too poor. Pastor Tom (the school principal) says that he gets at least one student a day in his office crying because they don't have enough money for school.
As of this week, we have created a student sponsorship program. We are reaching out to friends and family around the world to help sponsor a student to pay for their tuition here at NUA.
We have little to no income at the school, as all our money comes from tuition costs (which is incredibly low already) and the farms/orchards on campus.
I am reaching out to all of you guys, wherever you are in the world, to please choose to help one of our students with paying for their education.
If you choose to sponsor a student, you make the decision as to how much you give per month. To fully sponsor a student, it costs $150 a month. Even if you only give $10 a month though, it is incredibly beneficial.
Our tuition rates are some of the lowest in the country so that we can offer a safe healthy environment for students who are too poor to normally be able to experience such a place. We target these low-income students to try and help change their monetary position in this society, so that they can graduate and get better jobs to help earn more money for their small village communities.
This new sponsorship program is meant to create a relationship between the sponsor (hopefully you) and the student. There is a list of students who desperately need financial aid, and if you are interested in helping one of them I will personally hand-pick several students for you to choose from who are particularly deserving of your support. Whatever criteria you may have, we will try to accomadate.
You choose a student, who you then can make the choice to contact. We will send you pictures and letters from them, and you can have "skype dates" with them if you would like to meet them in person. The idea is that you are able to personally build a relationship with your student, so that you can see just how vital your help is in their lives.
If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please email me for more information. My email is taylorpierce@comcast.net. If you want more information or want to meet a student before considering sponsorship, get ahold of me and I can make either happen for you.
I hope you will please consider this - it would be such a blessing to our school!
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