I'm on a Boat

What is this? Two weekends in a row doing awesome things? That's right. Last night was oh so fun.
We took a Nile Cruise!
And by Nile cruise, I mean we floated down the Nile late at night on a barge covered in Christmas lights and Chinese lanterns. Way better than a regular "cruise!"
A real party barge.
The students loved it - we all piled up at about 9pm for a few hours of late-night river floating fun. The Nile is huge; it feels like back at home being out in the bay. I'm sad we went at night because it was too dark to be able to see anything very well.
It was so surreal, floating down the Nile on a party boat realizing that Pharaohs were on this same river having their own parties thousands of years ago.
I think the Pharaohs probably knew how to get down.

This is the party barge we took for our lovely evening on the Nile.

Some of my students and myself getting pumped to be on a cruise! 

The plan was this: float the river, and have a talent show whilst floating.
A talent show in which the staff made a surprise appearance.
The students have been planning this show for weeks; they have been auditioning and practicing their little hearts out. Their acts were mostly songs, and they were all so good!

Some of the students doing a rap they wrote for the talent show. They were really good! It was half English half Arabic.

Unbeknownst to them, some of the staff (myself included) had been planning a surprise talent for the show.
Our main goal was to make people laugh, which I feel like we did quite well.
What is it that we did?
Well, myself, Sara, Austin, Chris, and Phil did a rendition of "I Want it That Way" by The Backstreet Boys.
We borrowed clothes from the students to dress the part of "boy band" as close as possible.
We looked so good.
From Left: Sara, myself, Austin, Chris, and Phil. Phil really got into it... haha

Phil definitely missed his calling: boy band.

Singing our little hearts out.

Chris joining in.

The students FLIPPED OUT. They loved it! So much that they crowd-surfed both Phil and Chris. So great!

The remaining hour or so on the cruise after the talent show was pretty relaxing. We all just hung out on the boat, and ate food.
I spent a lot of my time watching the river.
I kept looking out, trying to spot a crocodile in the darkness. No luck, unfortunately.
If I had known ten years ago that I would be sitting on a boat going down the Nile river today, what would I have thought?
How insane it is to realize all the things that have happened here. Everybody has heard of the Nile. You learn about it since you were little kids in Elementary school. It's one of those things that everyone dreams of visiting.
...and I was there.
It is so surreal. 
What would the pharaohs think if they saw it now?
What would I think if I saw it then?
Anyways. Feel free to philosophize on that some more.
To finish off the trip, Sara and I had to do the one thing everyone must do on a party barge.
A reenactment of the Titanic.
Complete with Celine Dion covers and all - we Kate and Leo'd it up on the prow of the boat.
I think the prow is one of the ends.
I don't know.
But we got pretty classy.

It was a good ending to a fun trip.
There were a few videos taken of our performance, so if I can get my hands on a copy and upload it, you may or may not be able to see in in the upcoming weeks ;)
I forgot to tell you.
That's right. I'm going to Italy. IN TWO WEEKS!
Did I say I am excited?
The only two countries I have been to are the US and Egypt. I'm gonna make it three!
Well, four if you count the Vatican ;)
Anyways. Phil, Chris, and I are spending a week backpacking from Rome to Florence. We may be making a stop in Cinque Terra if time allows, but we will see. If you have any travel recommendations please send them my way!
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