Better Know a Student: Yasmen Ayak

So, I think I remember saying that "Better Know a Student" would be a weekly installment...
I'ts been two weeks since the last one, but better late than never!
Give me some sympathy, it took three days just to upload this five minute video to YouTube. I hate the internet here.
But, wait no longer! Without further ado, here is this week's "Better Know a Student."

Isn't she sweet? I'm so glad I have amazing students like her here to work with.
I hope that you will look into sponsoring a student - it is amazing kids like Yasmen you would he helping. Please contact me if you are interested in helping in any way, even if not financially.

This week is about to get real good.
Tomorrow? A half day. Then. VACATION.
Thursday? The thing we have all be waiting for. The greatest of the great. I am going to... THE PYRAMIDS.  So. intensely. excited.
Friday? A huge Muslim holiday where they slaughter animals in the street. we plan to walk through Gabel on the day "the streets fill with blood." It should be an exciting cultural experience.
Sunday? ITALY.
So good. So so good.
What is that? I am seeing two of the wonders of the world in one week? Why yes, I am!
Did I say I was excited? haha. Can't wait! Check back here Friday and Saturday for updates on my exciting adventures this week.
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