Dare You

So nothing particularly eventful has happened in the past few days. Just the development of more silly jokes. But who doesn't love silly jokes?
Lame people and babies, that's who.
Well, sometimes that's not true.
Babies like silly jokes occasionally.
If you didn't read my most recent post titled "Dubs," I highly recommend that you do before reading further on this post. What I'm about to tell you just won't have the same effect.
"Dubs" has really become a regularly used term in my conversation now. Last night, Sara was talking about "dubs" when I had an epiphany. True enlightenment.
Remember when you were a kid, and if somebody wanted you to do something really crazy they would "double-dog dare" you?
Well if you come see me in Egypt, and I want you to try something that may be particularly distasteful or strange by American standards but totally normal by local terms, I might just... Double-dubs dare you.
Double. Dubs. Dare.
Bam! Everything you could ever want in a clever phrase wrapped up in a cute little 'dubs' package. You have got an alliteration, a little nostalgia, and an awesome background story.
Did you just drop your falafel in the sand? I double-dubs dare you to eat it anyways, spider-ants and all.
Did a random street cat just attack your foot and cover you in cuts? I double-dubs dare you to leave it without cleaning or bandaging it.
I never said that double-dubs-daring someone is safe. Just fun.
This reminds me of a ridiculous game the kids here play. During Social on Saturday nights, the whole school gets together to play games, listen to music, and just hang out. There is one game in particular that the kids love to play.
Spin the bottle.
What is that you say? You thought kissing in Egypt is reason to be stoned?
Well, you are right.
This isn't the spin-the-bottle that we American's are used to. When I asked them what the game was about, they said "you have something like this game at home. It is called something like 'truth'"
Oh! Truth or dare. Totally got it.
Just truth...
The game is called just "Truth."
Here are the rules of the game:
You sit in a circle with a bottle in the center of you, and spin it. Then the person on one side of the bottle asks the person on the opposite side a "truth" about them
Here's the kicker: if you don't feel comfortable answering, you don't have to.
A more appropriate name for this game would be "Truth, but only if you feel like it."
Next time we play and someone declines to answer a question, I'm gonna double-dubs-dare them to say it anyways. So there.

On the school frontier, my classes went pretty well this week. My students decided giving soap-box speeches mid class is overrated, so for the time being that has stopped.
My ESL class has been hilarious to teach though.
They speak no English at all, so I am starting from ground zero with them. They are all so tiny - we call them our little squirrels! They look like ten-year olds.
We have been spending a lot of class time recently learning the correct pronunciation of English letters and words. In Arabic, there isn't a 'th' or a 'p' sound, so they have a really hard time pronouncing words with those letters in English. "th' sounds like an 's,' always.
So I have one student who has been particularly difficult to teach English to, because he has a very strong lisp. I can barely understand his Arabic, and his English is just... rough.
Sounds like time to manipulate someone's speech impediment for the greater good of Egypt.
I was teaching my class parts of the body this week, and as we are going over parts of the face my whole class got stuck on the word 'mouth.'
The 'th' got them. Every single student in the class pronounces 'mouth' as 'mouse.' I even drew a picture of a mouse and of a mouth with the words under each to show them the difference. They just can't handle it.
All except one.
This was either incredibly brilliant or cruel, I'm not sure which. Maybe both.
I had my student with the strong lisp stand up and say "mouth" for the whole class. It was fool-proof. He couldn't say "mouse" if he tried.
I'm a horrible person.
Even so, it worked. My class totally got it. "ohhhh mouTH!"
I may be using his abilities again in the future.

This weekend should be pretty relaxed, I will be hanging out on campus and grading papers. If anything crazy happens, I will be sure to let you all know :) Ta ta for now!

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