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So the past few days we have been traveling around Cairo a lot for various reasons, and it is difficult to explain how insane/different/frightening a short car ride is from back home. There is simply nothing to compare it to by American standards; the closest thing I can supply is this feeble attempt at a video that we made. I apologize for sometimes turning the camera sideways... haha.

This traffic in the video was actually some of the lighter stuff. Here are some more photos to help you fully understand the experience.

Here, you can see the sheer mass of of people and cars trying to go in every direction possible. The phrase "bumper to bumper traffic" is literal here - I've never been in cars so intent on "playing tag" with other cars. People weave between cars on every road to cross, even on the freeway. There are people who walk between cars selling their wares, and there are every type of shop on the sides of the streets. Here, you can see a t-shirt and hat shop on the side of the freeway.

This photo isn't the greatest, but you can see that as we are driving down the freeway the car to the right of us is less than six inches or so from touching us.
Um... talk about terrifying.
There are no lanes either, so coming this close to cars is a regular deal. At 50mph. With no seat belts. I have no idea how it is that I have yet to see and/or experience a car accident.

In this photo, you can see a bread shop that has been set up in the middle of an intersection. Just, right there in the middle of the road...
Every once in a while a woman carrying loaves of bread on a board on top of her head will walk between the cars. The bread is delicious, if you don't mind a few treats baked in.
By treats I mean flies.

This photo was taken driving down the freeway; we drive past lots of horse and donkey carts side-by-side with cars. This horse was being galloped down the freeway carrying a cart with one or two people and a whole bunch of fruit. 

Today we are going to a water park in Cairo, so we will get to experience more of this delightful traffic! Wish me luck ;)
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