So, I made it.
Well, to Paris at least.
I am all sorts of a hot mess now. We found out last minute that only the second flight of my trip (on Air France) allows 70lbs for luggage, and had to cram all the extra stuff into another carry-on for me to bring in order to meet the 50lb weight limit. So here I am, running around with about 50lbs in miscellaneous backpacks, totes, and purses trying to make everything fit on the plane. My stress and lack of fitness combined with the five or six attempts to lift all these bags into the slots above my seat makes a giant sweaty, smelly, disgusting Taylor.
I'm pretty sure everyone on the plane/in the airport now must hate me.
Once I finally sat down, the woman I was sitting next to leans over and hands me a chocolate bar; "here, you look like you need this."
That pretty much sums up my trip thus far. Ten hours on a plane was killer, especially since I left at one in the afternoon and it is somehow nine in the morning... I don't like time zones differences. I can barely process anything in my frazzled state, let alone how the heck it is morning when my body is telling me "its one in the morning! go to sleep!"
But other than my lack of hygiene and incredible boredom, all is well! I have five hours to kill in the airport and then another five hour flight to Cairo. I will arrive in Cairo at six this evening. Don't ask my to convert that to your time.. haha.

I was pretty stoked to use my improved French speaking abilities in the airport, but my fleeting memory has barely allowed "bonjour" to cross my lips. Hopefully taking a short break will allow it all to come flowing back, and I can go achete un cafe et un croissant as per my mothers orders :)

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  1. I can imagine that being exhausted didn't help the fact that you had to lift 50lbs. above your head. Thank goodness for the nice women with the chocolate bar! Love you girl! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Ah yes, long flights. Not fun. My feet always swell! Nothing to do but read or sleep. Hope the chocolate bar cheered you up. And, I know you're in Cairo cause I got a text from your mom this a.m. Hopefully, you can get caught up on your sleep. I'm with Ronna, can't wait to read more. Take care. Love you.