Musical Distractions

And the countdown begins! I leave a week from today. Seven days. It is crazy stuff.
I am kind of a procrastinator. Kind of a big one. But I am trying to get some things prepared for my trip so that it isn't completely overwhelming. One of the best ways to avoid stress? Listen to good music! I listen to music practically all the time, but I only listen to good music.
That's right.
I know all the music that is good.
Clearly I am not biased. In reality I am pretty open-minded about music as long as it isn't country (BLECH), rap, or dubstep. Maybe I'm not so open-minded...
Regardless, I made a special playlist to listen to on the plane that is all about travel. If you like puzzles, well, this playlist is a good one then - try and figure out how all these songs relate to travel! Let's be honest, as long as the title relates to some aspect of travel or there is a lyric involved that does... it made it onto this playlist.
Even if you can't sense the travel theme, these are all great songs and artists, so check them out anyways!

Have any other great travel music selections? Do share!

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