And here it is. My last day at home! Tomorrow morning, I leave for the wonders of the East, officially on the opposite side of the world. SO EXCITING
You know what is not fun though? Packing a year's worth of things into two large suitcases. I probably have way too much stuff, but seriously... this is getting out of hand. I have become rather innovative in my packing skills to make it all work. Here are my best tips for packing large amounts of stuff into limited space:

Roll all of your clothes, it makes them smaller and allows for you to pack more. Then vacuum seal them in space bags! Luckily, the airline I am taking allows me 70lbs per suitcase, so using space bags didn't increase the weight so much that I won't be able to take it all.

Pack things that organize your suitcase, but can also be used at your destination. I found these shoe-boxes-with-lid-straps for a few dollars, and use them to pack more fragile things in my luggage. Then, when I get to Egypt, they can be used in my room (which I am responsible for furnishing) as cute sock/pantie/bra holders.

Now, I take full responsibility for the brilliance of this idea. It really isn't that important, but as a girl with LOTS of long hair, I am in constant need of bobbypins. Somehow, whenever I pack bobbypins anywhere they just end up floating around and getting lots. Every. Single. Time.
Enter brilliant idea.
These disposable razor head packages are perfectly bobby-pin shaped! I saved the empty containers, and then filled to my hearts content dozens of bobbypins. Pretty great, huh?

These bits have all been super helpful in efficiently using my limited packing space. Remember them for your next trip!

PS - Grayson may come with me on my trip. He looks so forlorn without me, don't you think?
PPS - Grayson isn't really coming with me, I'm not that crazy.

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