Cairo, the city of noise

We are here! I still can't believe it. They keep telling me it is the culture-shock, but it honestly doesn't feel like I am on the other side of the planet. It is so strange. I am in EGYPT! It has been great thus far - I am loving this. Every day feels like a new adventure - I go to bed excited to wake up and do some awesome new thing! It is exhausting though; Mary (my roommate/Oly friend) made it here last night and we stayed up till 1am unpacking all of our stuff and making our room feel like home.

We are FRIED. But our room is completely unpacked! Which makes us happy.

So much is different here that you don't think about or wouldn't know if you didn't live here. Here is my list of Egypt fun facts I have garnered so far:
1) There is no daylight savings time; AKA it gets dark-dark here around 7pm and light around 4:30am. It feels like winter but its hot...
2) The power goes out multiple times a day. If you are lucky it is only for a few minutes, but it went out last night for several hours which meant we unpacked with flashlights.
3). There are no road signs, stop lights, lanes, or traffic dividers. And no traffic cops. Imagine a giant life-size game of MarioKart, and you understand what driving in Egypt is like.
4) It is HOT all the time! But don't let anyone fool you - it is HUMID. You are walking around like a giant sweat-dispenser. You are constantly sticky and sweaty and probably smell gross. Its a good time.
5). The internet is super patchy. This is the first time I have had access to it in two days, because it gets bogged down by everyone else trying to use it.
6) It is LOUD! We are located in a thirty five acre walled patch in the middle of the city, and every side of us is markets, stores, and apartments. It is also Ramadan right now, so everyone is up into the wee morning hours celebrating/consuming as much food as humanly possible.
7) The people here are the sweetest people. Everyone I have met has been incredibly courteous and generous.
Mary and I are going to the market with Gladys today - I'm sure it will be quite the experience! I will have more updates and give a tour of the school/our "villa" later with photos. Lets hope the internet comes back again!

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