So yesterday we went on one final adventure before the craziness of school starting comes next week - all of the staff and their families went to a water park in Cairo.
Aquapark, to be more specific.
Or maybe it was Aquaworld. I don't know. But it had water, and slides, and no rules (my childhood dreams have come true!), and it was fun.
The trip as a whole was fun, but lets just say it started and ended a little rough. We rented a HUGE bus (really, it was more of an extra-long RV) to take all forty-something of us to the park together. Please tell me why it decided driving into the sand pit in front of campus was a good idea...
AKA we had a minor setback of about thirty minutes as they got a farm tractor from the orchard to try and pull the bus out of the sand.
We were finally able to head out though, and about an hour and a half later we were at the water park!

I am well aware of how creepy it looks from the outside. It's just Egypt..
Also, my photography skills have released a tidbit of information telling me the park is indeed called Aquapark... Since you all wanted to know so desperately.

The park really isn't that huge - there was one main swimming pool, a (very) small wave/kiddie pool, a lazy river, and three water slides.
It was more fun than most any water park I have been in the states though.
Let me tell you something. You know you have good friends when you can hang out and play with them and have a total blast and spend the whole time laughing - and have almost no language in common.
I spent most of the day with my beautiful roommate Amar (Amar means 'moon' in Arabic) and we had SO MUCH FUN.

We were there from about 10AM till 5:30 in the evening, so we had time to do lots. The morning Amar and I went around just the two of us and played on the water slides and in the pools, and in the afternoon we joined up with a larger group and played around in the lazy river.
Being as competitive as we all are, we decided to have a race in the lazy river.

Action shots. The bane of my existence.
Also, as noted in a previous post, all of the women are required to have their chest, back, and legs covered. I got a little risque with mine - I went sleeveless ;) Try not to be overwhelmed by my bare shoulders.
I definitely saw women with full burkas - the complete face-covering-except-eyes veils - swimming and going on the water slides.
I am pretty sure that is a drowning hazard

After this we raced down the water slides.
Let's just say we did a lot of racing.
Almost everyone had a ton of fun - it was so nice to hang out with all the staff outside of the work/school setting.

Unfortunately, not everyone loved the water as much as the rest of us did. I laugh SO hard every time I see this photo - poor Mtha made it very clear that he does not enjoy swimming!
Isn't Felly beautiful though?

After a very long day in the sun, we packed it up and headed out.
But what would be a day at the water park without having the bus break down on the way home?

The bus came to a jarring halt about fifteen minutes up the freeway from the water park.
We were there for over two hours... just sitting on the side of the road.
Good thing I had this precious girl to keep me company, huh?

This is Dona, my favorite little girl in the whole world. She is the daughter of two of the workers at the school, and is also the biggest sweetheart you have ever met! Plus, she uses her cute little voice to teach me Arabic. Flipping adorable.
She was exhausted after a whole day swimming, and slept on my lap while we waited for the bus to get fixed.

We DID make it back though! Near ten o'clock at night I arrived safely in my villa with only a minor pink tint. I count it as a successful day.
I guess I will just have to jump in the farm holding tank again and pretend it is the water park.
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