Little Indie

Hello there! I am Taylor, a psych-degree-carting-traveling-artist-barista-teacher. I'm not sure I can really use that title... it is definite overkill. First introductions are awkward, and something about a first introduction via blog post makes me awkward x10.
I am a recent graduate with a degree in psychology, and was offered the job of a lifetime - teaching English and psychology at a high school in Cairo, Egypt (!!). I am more than a little excited.. I leave in two weeks for  my Indiana Jones-esq adventure.
Story time: I had a customer at the coffee shop that I worked at that told me I was like a little Indiana Jones, traveling the world while teaching classes simultaneously. He called me "little Indie." It made me feel pretty powerful. In my head I am like an Indiana Jones/Laura Croft hybrid who paints pretty pictures and reads too many books. I am a bit liberal in gifting myself with wonderful attributes in my imagination. But hey, it's my imagination, so... I can do whatever I want.
I digress.
You are probably thinking "who is this weirdo rambling about fictitious characters?" Well, this is me.

 You're right! I don't look like Laura Croft! Sometimes I do braid my hair like hers though...
So, I'm just going through life minding my business when 'BAM!' I leave for a different country halfway around the world to start a job that is not really in my field. When life gives you lemons, I guess.
All joking aside, I really am terribly excited about my trip. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that I can't wait to experience! Plus, I feel like everyone should be required to live in another country for at least a year. It makes you a better person. As does working in customer service, which I think should also be a mandatory one-year sentence.
I currently live in Olympia, Washington which is a beautiful city that everyone should visit at least once. I graduated in June from the University of Washington with a Bachelors degree in psychology, so that was pretty cool. And now, I am taking a year off to travel before heading to graduate school in a currently undecided location. I am one busy gal.
Internet will be my only means of communication once I am in Egypt, so feel free to communicate with me via the wonders of the world wide web! The upper right side of my blog has all the ways you can contact me (facebook, skype, email, and pinterest). Or you can just enjoy my blog in silent anonymity. That is totally allowed.
So, I think this is the end for me. I feel I have rambled enough, and there will  be more posts to come for me to ramble some more. If you wish to ask me questions feel free to do so in the comments section or through email. Ta-ta for now!
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  1. Aka young Indiana Jones? Mr. coulter would be so proud.

    1. My goodness... how dare I forget young Indiana Jones! I am a horrible-ism.